We are thoroughly excited that you want to audition for any of our productions!  The roles that are listed here are what is needed at the moment.  Make sure that you read down the page to make sure that your auditions are up to par with what we will need.  Thank you for auditioning and making our site grow!

 Audition Guidelines:

1.  Record your lines for any of our auditions in 44100 MP3 format and in one complete file.  If you have to break that file into a few to send it to the director, that’s fine.

2.  At the beginning of your recording, introduce yourself, say your name plainly (as we don’t want to get it wrong in credits) and give at least a 5 – 10-second recording of your room tone as we may need to clean your lines.  Please, DO NOT clean your lines before you send them.

2.  Do multiple takes of your lines.  This will give the director/post producer a chance to choose the best line. (Sometimes the best line is a ‘throw away’ line.)

3.  If you have questions about how to pronounce something (especially in a Dr. Who or a Star Trek show), please email the director and ask!

4.  If you are required to yell in the audio, please move back from your microphone to do the line.  We want the producers to keep their ears.

5.  Label your MP3 file:  (CharacterName_YourName_Title.mp3 or wav)

6.  If your file is too large, please use YouSendIt to Darker Projects by sending the file to or with the title of your audition in the subject line.

Recording Guidelines:

1.  Audition guidelines 1 – 5 still apply and leave your bloopers.  We’ll use them.  (If you have a major part in a show, your lines may be longer than normal.  If they are, you may cut your lines into easier files to send, but please do not send individual line files.)

2.  Please record your lines per scene (note: this depends on the director/producer, so what they say trumps this list)

3.  Once you are cast, you’ll be given a different email to send your finished lines to.  Do not use the above email.  It can be used for questions!

4.  Please, please turn your lines in on time!  If you’ve auditioned for a main role, be prepared to have those lines done on time. If you can’t, always let your director know. Something can be worked out (after all, this is all for the love of audio)

 Current Auditions Available:

None at the moment.