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ST: LF Season 1 EP 011: A Prophet Without Honor

Star Trek: Lost Frontier – Season 1 EP 011:  A Prophet Without HonorStar Trek - Lost Frontier, Science fiction Audio Theater

The Enterprise is dispatched to the Bajoran system to discover the fate of Deep Space 9 and the crew of the Starship Defiant. But Section 31 has its own agenda for the mission. One that could mean the death of everyone on Bajor.

Written by Joel Jordan

Featured in the cast were:

Mark Bruzee as Captain Trask
Laura Post as Commander Niles
David Ault as Mister Winfred
Michael Wilkinson as Ben Sisco
Michael King as Rook
Jeanine Yamanaka as T’Loc
Melissa D. Johnson as Thyla Garak
Andrew Edwards as Commander Ransom
Bill Holoweg as Chief Pope
Lucien Dodge as Sid Kirk
Ben Harmer as Liem Kincaid
Elie Hirschman as Zog and the Officer
Eric Busby as the engineer
Judah Friese as Captain Friese
Seth Adam Sher as the announcer

Direction, production, and audio engineering by Eric Busby

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

This has been a Darker Projects production.

TM – EP 008: The Screaming Woman

Tales From The Museum – EP 008 – The Screaming WomanCrusade, Science fiction Audio Theater

Written by Charles Russell

Presented in classic P.I. style, Helene Mancuso (AKA Jenna Tombs, Private Investigator) weaves the tale of the screaming woman. Is the statue currently in the regional museum truly possessed by the spirit of its creator?

Featured in the cast were:

Perry Whittle as Keith Nash
Amanda Fitzwater as Dr. Helene Mancuso
Captain John Tadrzak as Dr. Stein
Alasdair Stuart as Casey
David MacIver as Phil the security guard
and Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as The Screaming Woman

Original music composed by Joey Stuckey and Kevin MacLeod
This Series is produced by Elie Hirschman
Post-production by MJ Cogburn

The Executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby

The Regional Museum urges all patrons to refrain from screaming in any of the exhibit halls.

BTS – EP 012: Christopher Patrick Lydon

Behind the Scenes:  EP 012:  Christopher Patrick LydonBehind The Scenes At Darker Projects

The author of the Falcon Banner series shares with us some of his various addresses around the world, schools us in the ways of the 1-chapter-1-day rule, and lets us know whom we all have to thank for the continuation of his series.

Features music by Mazedude – go to for more.
Also featured is Orange Light Through Broken Bottles by Wil Richardson with Lakeport Autoelectric.