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BTS – EP 012: Christopher Patrick Lydon

Behind The Scenes At Darker ProjectsBehind The Scenes: EP 012:  Christopher Patrick Lydon

The author of the Falcon Banner series shares with us some of his various addresses around the world, schools us in the ways of the 1-chapter-1-day rule, and lets us know whom we all have to thank for the continuation of his series.

Features music by Mazedude – go to for more.
Also featured is Orange Light Through Broken Bottles by Wil Richardson with Lakeport Autoelectric.

QR – Ep 007: What You See… Isn’t What You Get

QR – Episode 007: What You See… Isn’t What You GetQuantum Retribution: What You See, Isn't What You Get

Written by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec

You’ve accepted the challenge and you’re ready for anything – until you come face to face with it and it turns out to be the last thing in the world you expected it to be.

Featured in the cast were:

Steve Anderson as Thames
David Ault as Lothos and The Announcer
Robin Carlisle as Johanna Royden
Kim Gianopoulous as Mrs. Abernathy
Mark Kalita as Vaughn Rickar
Natasha Lathrop as Accelerator Chamber Technician No. 1 and female leaper
John Lipsey as Benjamin Andrews
Damaris Mannering as Tracey Denney
Paul Mannering as as Male Leaper and Accelerator Chamber Technician No. 2
Tom Nicklis as Mr. Carter, the school principal
Colin Snow as Charles Allen Denney
Tom Davis as Production Announcer

Produced by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec
Art by M. J. Cogburn

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

BTS – EP 011: Laura Post

Behind The Scenes – EP 011: Laura PostBehind The Scenes At Darker Projects

DP’s most prolific actress picks her favorite DP series, pitches her idea for a Star Trek Musical and fills us in on how voice work in L.A. is different than voice work in Chicago.
Features music by Orange Oblivion. You can find them at