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BTS – EP 008: Clym Angus and Matt Manning

Behind The Scenes – EP 008: Clym Angus and Matt ManningBehind The Scenes At Darker Projects

Clym Angus (Arch Duke Walker Von Karen from “The Falcon Banner”) and Matt Manning (writer and actor at discuss the delicate intricacies of audio comedy, what to do with the stupid stuff in your mind, and whether yelling the word “BAGS” is funny.

BTS – EP 007: David Ault

Behind The Scenes – EP 007:  David AultBehind The Scenes At Darker Projects

David Ault chats with us from his linen closet all about acting classes, scaring underclassmen with goatees and having lunch with fictional characters.

BTS – EP 006: Fiona Conn and Shire Smith

Behind The Scenes – EP 006:  Fiona Conn and Shire SmithBehind The Scenes At Darker Projects

Good friends Shire Smith and Fiona Conn describe the modern-day long-distance friendship, rehash their good times, define what a Henshin is, and just generally enjoy each other’s company.

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