Original Shows

Darker Projects in association with Infected Books presents David Moody’s vision of apocalyptic horror. (Completed)

Behind The Scenes
A look behind the scenes to get to know the ins and outs of Darker Projects.

Darker Projects Uncovered
A bi-weekly podcast with MJ Cogburn where she tells you about what’s being produced, auditions, and other information.

Five Minute Fears
Horror and suspense and brought it to you in bite-sized chunks.

The world has been affected with some kind of virus-fighting against the growing madness of the world, Jarred Carvey is forced to survive the threat of an enemy and friend alike as he searches to reunite with his wife and daughter as he slowly unravels the mystery surrounding a world afflicted by Madness.

Night Terrors
An anthology of horror and suspense.

Other Voices
A general area of thought and interesting poems by anyone.

Tales From The Museum
A museum is an interesting and challenging place to work … and things keep happening to make it more interesting all the time.

Tales From The Museum: The Beginning
Same museum… new stories… just an earlier time.

The Falcon Banner
This is based on The Falcon Banner, a novel by Christopher Patrick Lydon (Incomplete)