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We are a darker audio drama company who present to you original projects such as Tales from the Museum, The Byron Chronicles, and The Falcon Banner in addition to our popular Star Trek and Doctor Who interpretations. To listen, download audio or subscribe to our podcasts.

As always in the ill-omened darkness, you'll find the most breathtaking surprises, so be sure to stay tuned! If you feel inspired or are daring to take that leap, Join Us! We're always looking for talent, be it voice acting, writing, art or in the sound editing department. If you want to comment on one of the audios or just want to ask a question, register on our forum or drop a note to Mark Bruzee, our Overlord, and he'll get back with you.

Now ... go toward the Dark.

Now Featuring Current Episodes


Quantum Retribution 11: Three Degrees of Intent Part 2

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Who said it was the best thing to follow them? EXPLICIT!


Other Voices - Episode 01

A Letter - From Rob Watson


The Byron Chronicles S04E04: In My Time of Dying

No... This is vengeance.


Tales From The Museum FINALE - The Battle For The Museum

It all comes down to this: Nash and his co-workers, having received warnings of something big and spooky about to happen, are unable to enjoy the Museum's big Halloween party. Their worried minds are soon made worrieder by the appearance of several ghosts, a medium and a strange mix of highly sinister characters. It soon becomes apparent that there is a turf war in progress - and the Battle For The Museum has already begun...


Doctor Who: Caribbean Blue: Episode 5

To escape Jacob's Disc and to save the crew of the Pheonix, the Doctor and Maurice must find a lost soul in the darkness. Meanwhile, Emma discovers that the Doctor may not be telling the whole truth.


The Byron Chronicles S04E03: The Night of '68

October 1968. Bodies of the recently dead are returning to life and feeding upon the living. Byron must find a way to stop the night of living death.


The Byron Chronicles S04E02: In Blood and Ash

The boundaries between worlds have broken down. Earth is being torn apart. And even Byron is powerless to stop it.


The Byron Chronicles S04E01: Furnace

Trapped on a world haunted by spirits of the dead. Byron comes face to face with a foe from his past..


Shadow Talkers - Episode 4

Shadow Talkers - a new bi-weekly podcast for the goings on at Darker Projects! Come on in and see what we're talking about!


The Byron Chronicles S03E10: Phantoms

Good luck, Mister Knox... I fear you're going to need it soon enough...


Star Trek: Lost Frontier 17: The Rift

The appearance of an old-style Starfleet shuttlecraft leads Trask and his crew a hundred years into the past... but history is very different from how the crew remembers it. Facing a Starfleet that is now his enemy, can Trask lead his people back to their own time?


The Byron Chronicles S03E09: Christmas Special 2011

In collaboration with The Leviathan Chronicles


Doctor Who - Infinity Doctors, Part 3 of 3, The Moment

Last in a three part mini-series

Rassilon's most lethal weapon threatens the whole of creation. Will the Doctor, united with all of his other incarnations, be able to stop it?


The Byron Chronicles S03E08: In Fire

Byron and his companions must recover Death's Walking Stick. Or die along with everyone else as the world burns around them.


Doctor Who - Infinity Doctors, Part 2 of 3, The Convergence

New three part mini-series

Outside of time and space, The Doctor's past, present and future collide together as a mysterious new enemy reshapes the universe.


The Byron Chronicles S03E07: Inferno

Project Leviathan has begun. Can Byron stop it in time?


Doctor Who: Caribbean Blue: Episode 3

As The Doctor and Maurice take a trip into the great unknowns of Jacob's Disc, Emma and the Crew of the Pheonix are left to fend the Corruptors.


The Byron Chronicles S03E06: The Infected

Trapped on an apocalyptic world, Byron comes under attack by the Infected.


Doctor Who - Infinity Doctors, part 1 of 3, The Summoning

New three part mini-series

Have you never wondered what would have befallen all those lives and worlds if the Doctor had never existed?


Doctor Who: Caribbean Blue: Episode 2

On the edge of known space, the Doctor and Emma make a rather bumpy landing. On Jacob's Disc, something is burrowing up from deep underground.


The Byron Chronicles S03E05: The Eternal Graveyard

"It's quite simple really... I want you to replace me."


Tales From The Museum: Beyond the Veil

It's business as usual in the Johnson City Regional Museum: the new head of marketing is driving folks to distraction with her over-commercialism, Mala Monroe and Professor Stein bond over common interests, Casey is assigned to do manual labor for "the greater good", and the levels of supernatural energy are slowly rising to critical levels in the Vanmount Theater Annex.


The return of NIGHT TERRORS!

Night Terrors Season 2 Episode 1: The Rosetta Noise

The story of a world decimated by a weapon... a very unusual weapon. Shhh.. just listen...


Doctor Who: Caribbean Blue: Episode 1

The Doctor and Emma get dangerously close to one of the most unique sights in the Universe. On the Planet of Jacob's Disc, tensions run high and something is awakened.


Doctor Who: The Christmas Message (2010)


Star Trek: The Section 31 Files 0403: Prime

Vastator has risen and will come for you all.


The Byron Chronicles S03E04: The Sacrifice


Star Trek: Lost Frontier 16: Caduceus

Enterprise undergoes a refit in the wake of the events since her launch. A new Chief Medical Officer arrives aboard, with ties to Trask's past. When a distress call is received from a long lost ally, will Trask and his crew rise to the challenge and return the lost world to the fold?


The Byron Chronicles S03E03: The Harvest

"No... No not her!"


Star Trek: The Section 31 Files

Episode 0402 - Ghost Ship


Batman: No Man's Land 7

Batgirls new and old collide as Black Mask launches his attack on the Clock Tower.


Tales From The Museum 3.02: Bloody Haven

Nash's quiet vacation in the Tennessee Woodlands is interrupted by a call from the Museum - Dr. Mancuso has disappeared from those very same woods while doing research for a local college. Has she met the same fate as the others who have mysteriously vanished from that site? More importantly, are the fish biting today?


Star Trek: The Section 31 Files

Episode 0401 - Nero's Legacy


Batman: No Man's Land 7

Batgirls new and old collide as Black Mask launches his attack on the Clock Tower.


The Byron Chronicles S03E02: Sam

"Bit of an underestimate, my friend. I may have just caused the end of the world."


The Byron Chronicles S03E01: Reflections in Shadow

"Bit of an underestimate, my friend. I may have just caused the end of the world."


Batman: No Man's Land 6

It's official, Batman is back. But with Gotham having fallen so far in his absence, will Batman be able to return order to a lawless land?


Tales From The Museum 3.01: The Trouble With Jane

Casey tells Nash and Dr. Mancuso about Jane - one of the ghosts who appears at the museum - and how she came there because of him. The problem is that someone else now appears to be interested in Casey... and Jane.


Batman: No Man's Land 5

The Penguin has an eye for opportunity and sees plenty of profit to be made in the No Man's Land, but when Penguin's plans put someone close to Batman in danger, will Batman, who hasn't been seen in three months, return from the shadows?


Doctor Who - 02.10 Special - Doctor Who and the Silver Spiral

The Doctor and Emma take a close look at this unusual supernova!


Night Terror 0116 - Roadside Castle

Two American Tourists driving between Aberdeen and Glasgow..The middle of the night... A Rainy Scottish night... And the Scottish Moores... Why does this all sound so... Familiar?

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