He-Man: The Parody Part 1

He-Man: The Parody Part 1He-Man: The Parody!, Audio Theater

At the center of the Universe, at the border of dark and light lies… a fast food restaurant. Hang a right and you should reach Eternia, home of Castle Grayskull, mystic hub of ancient secrets. Sworn to protect her are the bold and reckless Masters of the Universe, headed by He-man, the most handsome man in the universe for three years running. Somehow, these mighty yet incompetent warriors guard Grayskull’s secrets from the corporate greed of the evil Skeletor and his band of criminal associates.

Featured in the cast were:

Joseph Lovenguth as Battle Cat
Damon Sugameli as Cringer
Kathryn Pryde as the Sorceress
MJ Cogburn as Teela
Karl Puder as Man-At-Arms
Ryan H. Nelson as Orko and Ram Man
Shane Harris as Skeletor
Eric Busby as Nosferatu’s younger brother
Elie Hirschman as Beast Man and Trap Jaw
Captain John Tadrzak as the Intercom Announcer
Mark Kalita as He-Man and Adam

Written, produced and mixed by Elie Hirschman
Contains music from the original series
Special thanks to Mark Bruzee and Eric Busby

This production is a satire and is not intended to infringe on the rights of the toy, cartoon, film or intellectual copyright of He Man and the Masters of the Universe.   All copyrights pertaining to the shows, movies, characters, merchandise & story line remain the uncontested property of the creators of the series. All we did was make it funnier.

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

NT – EP 013: The Carnegie Stone

Night Terrors – Episode 013:  The Carnegie StoneNight Terrors, Horror fiction Audio Theater Anthology

It’s the year 2050 A.D., and two desperate men have just very badly bungled the robbery of a 21st century mansion. A thin, narrow-shouldered thief by the name of Larson may have killed the owner of the mansion, and his partner in crime, the fair-haired Fitzgerald, breaks a security beam, triggering the burglar alarm. They’d better hurry, because time is running out.

Written by Bill Madon Music by Kai Hartwig

Special thanks to Colonial Radio Theater

Featuring the voice talents of:

Jerry Robbins as Larson
Hugh Metzler as FitzGerald and Cop 2
J. T. Turner as Rosczech and Cop 1
James Turner as Willy
Diane Capen as The Machine Voice
and Mark Bruzee as your host, Harbinger

The series is directed and produced by Mark Bruzee
Co-produced by Chris Snyder
Post-production by Matt McLauren

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

BTS – EP 004: Paul Mannering on Growing Up a Kiwi

Behind The Scenes – EP 004: Paul Mannering on Growing up a KiwiBehind The Scenes At Darker Projects 

Paul Mannering, our resident Kiwi, spins tales of sex and death on the farm, swimming over the edge of a continental shelf, and why babies and rats just don’t mix.

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