NT: Season 2: Ep 002: The Whole Town’s Sleeping

Night Terror: Season 2: Ep 002:  The Whole Town’s Sleeping

Meet Helga – Harbi is away on vacation – so relax and enjoy tonight’s adventure!  In this little story, there is one woman you should meet.  Her name is Lavinia Nebbs – a strong-minded, independent woman.  She and her friends are going out on a ladies night out despite some nefarious circumstances that are plaguing the town.  Maybe by the end of the night, she’ll learn to heed those small little voices that warn of danger or bad omens.


Adapted from Ray Bradbury’s story, “The Whole Town’s Sleeping”, through the Generic Radio Workshop Script Library

Featured in the cast were:
Eleiece Krawiec as Lavinia Nebbs
MJ Cogburn as Francine
Caitlyn Hernandez as Helen
Kat Crabtree as Mrs. Hanlon
Austin Beach as the Detective and Mr. Briggs
Eric Paul Johnson as Officer Kennedy
David Ault as The Lonely One
Shane Harris as the Narrator
Your Host was Helga

The story was written by Ray Bradbury.

Adapted for The New Night Terrors by Generic Radio Workshop Script Library

Music by Kevin MacLeod and Kia Harwig.

Post Production by MJ Cogburn

The Series Producer is Mark Bruzee.

Executive Producer for Darker Projects is M.J. Cogburn

QR – Ep 011: Mixed Signals

QR – Episode 011: Mixed Signals – EXPLICIT

Written by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec


From leapers to gardeners to doctors and technicians, it doesn’t matter who you are, whey you get your signals mixed up, it can be monumentally embarrassing and/or erotic.  And sometimes those mixed signals can reveal something about yourself that you didn’t realize.  

From Vaughn and Johanna’s first contact to Siren and Trevor’s long-lasting kiss… 

From Tala and Edward Grant’s flirtation to Lothos and Zoe’s confrontation…

… signals have been exchanged, but how they are received and interpreted… well, that’s another story….

Featured in the cast were:

David Ault as the announcer and Lothos
Rich Matheson as Vaughn Rickar
Jean Hilde Fulghum as Johanna Royden and Ina
MJ Cogburn as Siren and Tala Lothoman
Shane Harris as Trevor Conroy
Darren Marlar as Allen McAllister
Kim Gianopolous as Zoe Malvison
C. E. Krawiec as Olivia Robinson
Chris Stadther as Edward Grant
Seth Adam Sher as Peter Hugen
James Leeper as the Production Announcer

Produced and written by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec

The executive producer for Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn.

FMF – S2 – Ep 002: Asking For It

Five Minute Fears Season 2:  Ep 002: Asking For It


Written by Clym Angus Dodds


Mark Bruzee as the man
MJ Cogburn as the woman

Produced by MJ Cogburn

Sound Design by Christian O’Connor

Music by Kevin McLeod.

The executive producer for Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn.

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