Darker Projects has produced many audios in the past that have been original projects, fan-fiction audio dramas, and even have done some fun miscellaneous audios so that you can get to know the actors and producers of our shows!  Here is a list of our projects that we have had in the past.  If you haven’t heard of them before, go ahead and give it a listen, but a word of warning first – you may find yourself in the wee morning hours trying to figure out why you can’t sleep or even wondering what happened or what will happen!  Don’t worry – we’ll let you know – eventually.

Original Shows

  • Behind The Scenes – A look behind the scenes to get to know the ins and outs of Darker Projects.
  • Five Minute Fears – Horror and suspense and brought it to you in bite-sized chunks.
  • Night Terrors – An anthology of horror and suspense.
  • Other Voices – A general area of thoughts and interesting poems by anyone.

Fan-Fiction Shows

  • Doctor Who – Darker Projects offers you a new Doctor, new situations and a new darker streak, in a universe that is no longer black and white. The decisions are tougher, and who can really walk the difficult line to keep order?
  • Outer Limits – An audio theater series tribute to Outer Limits
  • Quantum Leap – A polite conversation
  • Quantum Retribution – The Darker Side of the Quantum Leap coin.
  • Star Trek: Lost Frontier –   It is the dawn of the 25th century and the galaxy is coming out of a period of great war. The story of Lost Frontier focuses on the crew of the new Enterprise F as they go forth to unite the lost worlds of the Federation.

Completed Shows

  • Autumn – Darker Projects in association with Infected Books presents David Moody’s vision of apocalyptic horror.
  • Tales From The Museum –   A museum is an interesting and challenging place to work … and things keep happening to make it more interesting all the time.
  • He-Man: The Parody – Darker Projects jab at laughter and having a bit of fun.

Discontinued or Incomplete Shows

  • Batman: No Man’s Land – based primarily off the Novelization of the “No Man’s Land” Comic Book Arc. (Discontinued)
  • Dark Matter –  Meet Sam Packer – a police officer in Colorado.  His world is about to be turned upside down as he turns into a werewolf. (Discontinued)
  • The Falcon Banner – This is based on The Falcon Banner, a novel by Christopher Patrick Lydon (Incomplete)
  • Star Trek: Section 31 –  The universe of shiny, well-groomed Starfleet officers and the pristine starships of the United Federation of Planets where the Prime Directive rules and hopes for the galactic unity of all species is an ongoing quest is reinterpreted in our vision of the reality of the Star Trek Universe. It’s not all “let’s be friends with our alien brethren”. Here the Federation has a dark underbelly and the daring crew of the Nosferatu boldly goes where Starfleet fears to tread. (Discontinued)

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