QL: EP 002: Cry, Angel, Cry

Quantum Leap : Ep 002: Cry, Angel Cry

Written by C. E. Krawiec


  • Paul Arbisi as Sam Beckett    
  • Ben Harmer as Albert Calavicci    
  • Mindy Rast-Keenan as Ziggy    
  • Rachel Rumler as Verbena Beeks    
  • Jeremy Hennessy as Gooshie        
  • Katherine Freymuth as Beth Calavicci    
  • Austin Beach as Dr. James Bartlett    
  • DJ Dirk as Nurse Marion Medricks    
  • Drew Profit as Dr. Gordon Sanderson    
  • Eleiece Kraweic as Nurse Helen Olsen    
  • and  Shane Harris as the announcer

The Theme music was composed by Mike Post and Velton Ray Bunch. Additional music used was by Kevin MacLeod.

Produced and Post-Production by MJ Cogburn

Darker Projects version of Quantum Leap is based on the Universal Television Series “Quantum Leap” created by Donald Bellasario.  No infringement of those rights are intended, and no monies will be collected for said production.  All stories are the property of their authors and are used by permission.

The executive producer for Darker Projects is MJ Cogburn.

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QL – EP 001: Devil’s Due

Quantum Leap – Episode 01: Devil’s Due – A polite conversation

When you’re trying to do right, you never know who’s watching over your shoulder – griping at every wrong turned right and hoping for your downfall, while taking advantage of every opportunity to undo the good you just accomplished.

Story by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast were

Shane Devon as Sam Beckett
Chronocrossed as Al
Tom Davis as Mr. Logan

Directing, mixing, and post production by Eric Busby

Music by Guns ‘n Roses


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The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.