QR – Ep 008: All Roses Have Thorns

QR РEpisode 008:  All Roses Have Thorns РEXPLICITQuantum Retribution: All Roses Have Thorns

Written by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec

This is not a Christmas episode.

Featured in the cast were:

Steve Anderson as Thames
David Ault as Lothos and The Announcer
Bruce Busby as Senior Officer Kenneth Derby
Kim Gianopoulous as Deborah Henderson
Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Nurse Hazel Baker
Damaris Mannering as TM Jessica
David McIver as Damon Beechwood
Brian Oldham as JC
Chris Snyder as Maxwell Robinson
April Sadowski as Sara Ann Lutherson
Fiona Thraile as Dorothy Hendricks
MJ Cogburn as Tala Lothoman

Produced by M. J. Cogburn and C. E. Krawiec
Art by M. J. Cogburn

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.