TM – EP 005: Return of the Serpents

Tales From The Museum – EP 005: Return of the SerpentsCrusade, Science fiction Audio Theater

An old enemy returns, bent on vengeance. The return of the Serpent Clan forces Nash to play a deadly game to save the lives of his friends, and his own life as well. Will Nash run out of time before the cold-blooded killer unleashes his deadly venom?

Written by Charles Russell

Featured in the cast were:

Perry Whittle as Keith Nash
Amanda Fitzwater as Dr. Helene Mancuso
Captain John Tadrzak as Dr. Stein
David Ault as Argus
David A. Macdonald as the Computer voice
Chip Joel as Skippy the Goon and Morton

Original music composed by Joey Stuckey and Kevin MacLeod
This Series is produced by Elie Hirschman
Post-production by MJ Cogburn

The Executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby

Death is but a doorway … and to every locked door, there is a key.