TM – EP 009: Haunting Pierpointe

Tales From The Museum – EP 009: Haunting PierpointeCrusade, Science fiction Audio Theater

Written by Charles Russell

Prof. Julius Pierpoint, the “big boss” at the museum, has a problem. This problem comes and goes, but it – SHE – has Pierpoint thoroughly rattled, and maybe smitten as well. Nash hates to do it, but he’s got to call in some outside help on this one.

Featured in the cast were:

Perry Whittle as Keith Nash
Amanda Fitzwater as Dr. Helene Mancuso
Alasdair Stuart as Casey
Bruce Busby as Julius Pierpoint
MS Garcia as Mala Monroe
April Sadowski as Adrienne and Angie
Abner Senires as the Telephone Voice
Eleiece Krawiec as Mona
and Melissa Johnson as Claire

Original music composed by Joey Stuckey and Kevin MacLeod
This Series is produced by Elie Hirschman
Post-production by MJ Cogburn

The executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

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