TM – EP 011: Bloody Haven

Crusade, Science fiction Audio TheaterTales From The Museum – EP 011: Bloody Haven

Written by Charles Russell

Nash’s quiet vacation in the Tennessee Woodlands is interrupted by a call from the Museum – Dr. Mancuso has disappeared from those very same woods while doing research for a local college. Has she met the same fate as the others who have mysteriously vanished from that site? More importantly, are the fish biting today?

Featured in the cast were:

Perry Whittle as Keith Nash
Amanda Fitzwater as Dr. Helene Mancuso
Alasdair Stuart as Casey
Shane Harris as Pappy
M S Garcia as Deputy Lisa Hendrick
Gwendolyn Jensen Woodard as Hilda
Steven Scott as Marx
David Smith as Captain James Robert LeFontaine Haven, CSA

Original music composed by Joey Stuckey and Kevin MacLeod
This series is produced by Elie Hirschman
Post-production work by Greg Wilkinson

The executive producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby