TFB – EP 008 – The Stuff of Legends and Other Histories, Part 1

The Falcon Banner РEP 008 РThe Stuff of Legends and Other Histories, Part 1The Falcon Banner, Audio Theater

Scripted by Mark Bruzee
Based on The Falcon Banner, a novel by Christopher Patrick Lydon
Original music composed and performed by Kai Hartwig and Kevin Macleod

Featuring the voice talents of:

Seth Adam Sher as Darien Taine
Linda Townsend as Captain Tyrana
Laura Post as Lauren
Brandon Cole as Commander Kit Durnham
Eric Busby as Nazzien
Mark Kalita as Kendrick
John Lipsey as Doctor Kyr
Chris Snyder as Matt Elias
Josh De Lioncourt as the Guard
Perry Whittle as Orion Guard
Elie Hirschman as Kurgel
Clym Angus as Tempus 1
Bill Hollweg as Tempus 2
Jack Scrimshaw as Major Mayfair
Steve Anderson as Major Rousseau
Shane Harris as Colonel Ramsey
Mike Dent as Katz
Mark Bruzee as Shale
Shire Smith as Masconi
Chip Joel as the Air Boss
Matt McLaren as Tempus Marine

The series is produced and directed by Chris Snyder
Co-produced by Mark Bruzee
Post production by Chris Snyder

Special thanks to Christopher Patrick Lydon for making the series possible

The Executive Producer for Darker Projects is Eric Busby

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