We are a darker audio drama company that presents to you original projects such as Autumn, Five Minute Fears, Madness, Night Terrors, Tales from the Museum, and The Falcon Banner.  We also have our fan-fiction interpretations of Batman, Dr. Who, He-Man, Outer Limits, Quantum Leap and Star Trek.  All of our presentations are listed on the left.  Enjoy!

As always in the ill-omened darkness, you’ll find the most breathtaking surprises, so be sure to stay tuned! If you feel inspired or are daring to take that leap!   Do you want to join in on Darker Projects?  Do you want to act for Darker Projects? Do you just want to contact us and tell us how much you enjoyed a show?  Would you like Darker Projects to make an audio adaption of a script that you wrote?

Newest Release on 15 September 2020: 

  • Darker Projects Uncovered Ep 004

August 2020 Releases:

  • Darker Projects Uncovered Ep 001,
  • Darker Projects Uncovered Ep 002,
  • Darker Projects Uncovered Ep 003,
  • and Quantum Retribution Ep 014 Prelude To A Party

Please contact us either on Facebook or email MJ Cogburn about what you’d like to do!

Now … onward into the dark…