April 20, 2024


We are thoroughly excited that you want to audition for one of our productions!

Thank you for auditioning and making our site grow!

There are a few rules for auditioning for Darker Projects.  They are as follows:

  • Record your lines in 44100 MP3 Format and in one complete file.
  • At the beginning, state your name plainly and give at least a 5-second recording of your room tone.
  • DO NOT clean your lines before you send them.  Please leave them raw.
  • Give us your three best takes on the lines.
  • Label your file:  Title_CharacterName_YourName.mp3
  • Send your audition to DP_Auditions@darkerprojects.com or at mj@darkerprojects.com


Current Casting Calls:

There are no casting calls at the moment.


Casting Call Results:

I’d like to congratulate the following people who have gotten the parts in the Night Terror: On A Country Road.
Pete Lutz will be playing David
Rachel Pulliam will be playing Dorothy
Duane Noch will be playing the Newscaster
Logan Smith will be playing the Officer
MJ Cogburn will be playing the Woman
Shane Harris will be our announcer.