February 2, 2023


We are thoroughly excited that you want to audition for one of our productions!

Thank you for auditioning and making our site grow!

There are a few rules for auditioning for Darker Projects.  They are as follows:

  • Record your lines in 44100 MP3 Format and in one complete file.
  • At the beginning, state your name plainly and give at least a 5-second recording of your room tone.
  • DO NOT clean your lines before you send them.  Please leave them raw.
  • Give us your three best takes on the lines.
  • Label your file:  Title_CharacterName_YourName.mp3
  • Send your audition to DP_Auditions@darkerprojects.com or at mj@darkerprojects.com


Current Casting Calls:

This casting call has a deadline of October 15, 2022 CST, Midnight



These are unpaid roles for credit only, in a free, all-volunteer podcast production.

JOHANNA ROYDEN: She is a woman who is trying to win a contest against Vaughn Rickar for the head leaper of the project.  She can be ruthless when necessary but is ready to do anything to win.  This is a reoccurring character.  You must be willing to continue as needed.

  • JOHANNA: Go ahead.  Have a seat. Not there; sit down at my desk. (beat, then lightly) Go on, or do I need to push you into that chair?
  • JOHANNA: (Tone sharpening, but still cool, interrupting him) It’s a good thing that I read everything that filters up through this division.  If this had reached Mr. Willis, it would have likely meant both of us being in a line in the unemployment office.  So, what seems to be the problem, Mr. Snowbury? (long beat – then pointedly) Are there…problems at home that are filtering up and distracting your true focus?
  • JOHANNA: (soft, seductive & totally in control of the situation) Don’t you worry about those reports, Elliot. I have them fixed and in my desk already.  I knew that they needed to be handed…

GINA SNOWBURY:  A married woman who just found out that her husband has been called away on their anniversary.  Gina is not a reoccurring character.  She is only in this episode.

  • GINA SNOWBURY: (light): Hi, honey! I swear, you must have ESP! I was just about to call you.
  • GINA SNOWBURY: (light): Well, I better let you go so you can get out of there. Remember, our reservations at Libertine’s are for eight o’clock.
  • GINA SNOWBURY: (Screaming) NO! This makes four years in a row you’ve missed our anniversary because of some last-minute crisis at that place! FOUR YEARS!! You’ve only worked there for four years!  I could understand the first two, and maybe even last year, but this is too much, Elliot!

MR FOLEY: He is a security guard at Talmadge Industrial Securities. (This is all the lines for this character– if you get the part, we will use your audition takes)

  • FOLEY SECURITY GUARD: (pleasant) Good evening, Mrs. Snowbury.
  • FOLEY SECURITY GUARD: (pleasant) Please sign the Visitor’s Log, ma’am. (beat) Oh, I can’t complain.
  • FOLEY SECURITY GUARD: Thank you, ma’am. Have a nice evening.

COURIER OPERATOR: (CAN BE MALE OR FEMALE): the operator of Hermes Winged Courier Service.  (This is all the lines for this character – if you get the part, we will use your audition takes)

  • COURIER SERVICE OPERATOR: Hermes Winged Courier Service. How may I help you?
  • COURIER SERVICE OPERATOR: Yes, ma’am, up on the tenth floor, correct?
  • COURIER SERVICE OPERATOR: Yes, ma’am. I’m sending Terry Mathers up to your office right now.  Should be there in five minutes.

TERRY MATHERS: (CAN BE MALE OR FEMALE): a courier of Hermes Winged Courier Service. (This is all the lines for this character – if you get the part, we will use your audition takes)

  • TERRY MATHERS (COURIER): Yes, ma’am. You have a special pouch ready?
  • TERRY MATHERS (COURIER): (courteous, but then carefully concerned) Yes, ma’am. I’ll get it to him on time.  I’ll file a delivery report with the office, and they’ll send a copy of it to you in the morning. (beat) Ms. Thebes, begging your pardon, but are you all right?  I mean, that’s a nasty-looking scratch on the side of your face, and…
  • TERRY MATHERS (COURIER): (you take the hint in her tone) Okay, ma’am. Well, good evening.

911 OPERATOR: (CAN BE MALE OR FEMALE): (This is all the lines for this character – if you get the part, we will use your audition takes)

  • 911 OPERATOR: (calm, professional) 9-1-1. What is your emergency?
  • 911 OPERATOR: (calm, focused) What’s your name?
  • 911 OPERATOR: (calm, focused) Where are you, Ms. Thebes?
  • 911 OPERATOR: (calm, focused) Stay with me, ma’am. (beat) All right, Ms. Thebes, I’ve just dispatched the police and an ambulance to your location. Just talk with me on the phone and…

DOCTOR SIMON: (CAN BE MALE OR FEMALE):  A doctor at the project.  This doctor will be a reoccurring character.  You must be willing to continue as needed.

  • SIMON: (firm, concerned) Here, let me help you.
  • SIMON: But, Lothos…
  • SIMON: (hasty backing up) Nothing, sir. I’m sorry. It will be done as you have said.