April 20, 2024

About Us

We are a darker audio drama company that presents original projects such as Autumn, Five Minute Fears, Madness, Night Terrors, Tales from the Museum, and The Falcon Banner.  We also have our fan-fiction interpretations of Batman, Dr. Who, He-Man, Outer Limits, Quantum Leap, and Star Trek. 

As always in the ill-omened darkness, you’ll find the most breathtaking surprises, so be sure to stay tuned!

If you feel inspired or are daring – take a leap!   

  • Do you want to act for Darker Projects?  Look and see if we have any auditions up on the Auditions Page!
  • Do you want to contact us and tell us how much you enjoyed our shows or that we have an issue on the site?  Email us!
  • Would you like for Darker Projects to make an audio adaptation of a script that you wrote?  Email our executive producer, MJ Cogburn and see if it’s possible! 

When we release a new show, it will be released at midnight CST.  Keep an eye out for new projects coming up!

Now… onward into the dark….