Autumn – EP 01

Autumn, Zombie Audio Theater by David Moody

Autumn – Episode 01 of 06

Autumn featured the voice talents of:

David Ault as Michael Collins
Rebecca McCarthy as Emma Mitchell
Mark Kalita as Carl Henshawe
Shane Harris as The Narrator
Elie Hirschman as Philip Evans
Clym Angus as Stuart Jeffries
Steve Anderson as Garner
Colin Snow as Ralph
Fiona Conn as The Teacher
Zack Fester as The Boy
Miles Reid as Jack Bynam
Joan Hovey as Sandra
Laura Post as Jenny and Kate

Audio production, written and directed by Paul Mannering.
Post production by Matt Mclaren.
Original music by Devin Anderson
Based on the book, Autumn, by David Moody.

Special thanks to Caven Scott for the opening monologue
This episode was produced and directed by Eric Busby
Post-production by Matt McLaren

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

ST 31 – Season 3 EP 006: Invasion Part 3: Warday

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files:  Season 3: EP 006: Invasion Part 3: WardayStar Trek: The Section 31 Files, Science fiction Audio Theater

A conflict between the Borg and Daleks ignites and threatens to engulf the whole galaxy into war. Meanwhile Captain Dalonna attempts to recover her lost crewmates.

Written and directed by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast are:

Laura Post as Captain Dalonna
Mark Kalita as Commander Mak
Judah Friese as Lt. Freise
Elie Hirschman and Lt. Backus
Karl Puder as Chancellor Korg
Ben Harmer as Ensign Sovor
Mark Bruzee as Rook
Seth Adam Sher as Lt.Rekla
Paul Mannering as Ensign Fields
Bill Hollweg as Lt. Hawk
Eric Busby as Bishop
Matthew Kopelke as the Dalek Emperor and The Daleks
David Ault and Zack Fester as the Borg

This episode was produced by Eric Busby
Post Production work by Eric Busby

Credits read by Mark Bruzee

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

He-Man: The Parody Part 2 – For Whom The Wind Breaks

He-Man: The Parody Part 2 – For Whom The Wind BreaksHe-Man: The Parody!, Audio Theater

On the the mystical world of Eternia, the wind blows slightly foul… Skeletor and his band of odor-laden henchmen have hatched a plot to abduct a mystical government official. But does their rotten plottin’ pave the way for conquering Castle Greyskull, or is this scheme more brainless than Ram-man after a few too many drinks of mead?

This production featured:

Joseph Lovenguth as Battle Cat
Damon Sugameli as Cringer
Kathryn Pryde as the Sorceress
MJ Cogburn as Teela and Evil-Lyn
Karl Puder as Man-At-Arms
Captain John Tadrzak as Ventos
Eric Busby as Stinkor: the Skunk-man and The Happy Little Elf
Ryan H. Nelson as Orko and Ram Man
Shane Harris as Skeletor
David Ault as King Randor
Elie Hirschman as Beast Man, Mer-Man and Tri-Klops
Mark Kalita as He-Man and Adam

Written and produced by Elie Hirschman
Post production by Chris Snyder
Special thanks to Eric Busby of Darker Projects.

This production is a satire and is not intended to infringe on the rights of the toy, cartoon, film or intellectual copyright of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. All copyrights pertaining to the shows, movies, characters, merchandise & storyline remain the uncontested property of the creators of the series. Besides, it’s really not all that good.

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.

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