ST 31 – Season 3 EP 005: Invasion Part 2: Doomsday Unleashed

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files: Season 3: EP 005: Invasion Part 2: Doomsday UnleashedStar Trek: The Section 31 Files, Science fiction Audio Theater

As the invading forces advance into the galaxy, Captain Dalonna considers making a deal with the Federation’s greatest enemy – if there is any hope of stopping them. Meanwhile Mak comes face to face with the one enemy he’d believed destroyed long ago.

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast are:

Laura Post as Captain Dalonna
Mark Kalita as Commander Mak
Judah Friese as Lt. Friese
Elie Hirschman and Lt. Backus
Karl Puder as Chancellor Korg
Ben Harmer as Ensign Sovor
Mark Bruzee as Rook
Seth Adam Sher as Lt. Rekla
Damaris Mannering as The Founder
Paul Mannering as Ensign Fields
Bill Hollweg as Lt. Hawk
Matthew Kopelke as the Dalek Emperor and The Daleks
Tina Kalita as the Borg Queen
David Ault as the Borg

Directed and produced by Eric Busby
Post Production work by Eric Busby

Special thanks to Jim Barbour, Chris Snyder and Jonathan Patrick Russell for their earlier renditions of Dalek and Borg vocals.

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.