BNML – Ep 000: Promo

Batman: No Man’s Land – the audio series – was created and produced by Laura Post.Batman - No Man's Land, Superhero fiction Audio Theater by Chris Snyder

Thank you for taking interest in Batman: No Man’s Land. The Director would like to note that the quality of Episodes only increases as you continue through the series, so please do not let the lower-quality mixes in early episodes turn you away from the series as a whole.

Please also note that this Audio Drama is Fan Based, based primarily off the Novelization of the “No Man’s Land” Comic Book Arc. This Novelization was written by Greg Rucka.

This Audio drama is in no way affiliated with DC Comics, who own the rights to Batman, Bob Kane, the Creator of Batman, or Greg Rucka, the author of the Novel. This project was completed solely as a hobby on both the parts of the Director and the cast members. No one has recieved any monetary compensation for their work on this series.

If you enjoy this series, you are strongly encouraged to purchase the Novelization of Batman: No Man’s Land.

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.