He-Man: The Parody Part 2 – For Whom The Wind Breaks

He-Man: The Parody Part 2 – For Whom The Wind BreaksHe-Man: The Parody!, Audio Theater

On the the mystical world of Eternia, the wind blows slightly foul… Skeletor and his band of odor-laden henchmen have hatched a plot to abduct a mystical government official. But does their rotten plottin’ pave the way for conquering Castle Greyskull, or is this scheme more brainless than Ram-man after a few too many drinks of mead?

This production featured:

Joseph Lovenguth as Battle Cat
Damon Sugameli as Cringer
Kathryn Pryde as the Sorceress
MJ Cogburn as Teela and Evil-Lyn
Karl Puder as Man-At-Arms
Captain John Tadrzak as Ventos
Eric Busby as Stinkor: the Skunk-man and The Happy Little Elf
Ryan H. Nelson as Orko and Ram Man
Shane Harris as Skeletor
David Ault as King Randor
Elie Hirschman as Beast Man, Mer-Man and Tri-Klops
Mark Kalita as He-Man and Adam

Written and produced by Elie Hirschman
Post production by Chris Snyder
Special thanks to Eric Busby of Darker Projects.

This production is a satire and is not intended to infringe on the rights of the toy, cartoon, film or intellectual copyright of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. All copyrights pertaining to the shows, movies, characters, merchandise & storyline remain the uncontested property of the creators of the series. Besides, it’s really not all that good.

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.