ST: LF Season 1 EP 003: Prisoner

Star Trek: Lost Frontier – Season 1 EP 003: PrisonerStar Trek - Lost Frontier, Science fiction Audio Theater

The Enterprise responds to distress signal and is surprised to discover it may have Romulan origins. Meanwhile an away team is sent to find a prisoner being held by the faction of the One True Federation.

Written by Mark Kalita and Eric Busby.

Featured in the cast were:

Mark Bruzee as Rupert Trask
Laura Post as Kate Niles
David Ault as Andrew Winfred
Elie Hirschman as Zog
Ben Harmer as Liem Kincaid
Lucien Dodge as Sid Kirk, Tungsten and the Mutant
Jeanine Yamanaka as T’Loc
Craig Cooksey as Canyon
Jim Barbour as the Bartender
James Leeper as The Thug
Mark Kalita as Mister Jezek

Direction and post production by Eric Busby

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.