NT – EP 014: The Horror Of Cardmoor Abbey

Night Terrors – Episode 014: The Horror of Cardmoor AbbeyNight Terrors, Horror fiction Audio Theater Anthology

Tonight, we take you back to Edwardian England. When man’s thirst to understand the natural and supernatural was at an all time high. It was on the quest for such knowledge that a telegram was sent to Arthur Samuels of London University. A telegram which lead him to investigate … The Horror of Cardmoor Abbey.

Written by Paul Mannering

Featured in the cast were:

David Nagel as Arthur Samuels
Gareth Preston as The Station Master
David Ault as Doctor Earnst Hauber
Elie Hirschman as the Homunculi.
Laura Post as Susan
Shane Harris as Jonathan
and Mark Bruzee as your host, Harbinger

The series is produced and directed by Mark Bruzee
Co-production by Chris Snyder
Postproduction by MJ Cogburn

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.