ST 31 – Season 1 EP 008: The Awakening

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files – Season 1 EP 008: The AwakeningStar Trek: The Section 31 Files, Science fiction Audio Theater

Behind the Tholian Blockade, a mysterious ship from Mak’s homeworld is discovered. But what effect will this have on the last of the Novachron? Meanwhile the Tholian’s gather their forces for an all out invasion of the Federation. And this time, there may be nothing that can stop them.

Written by Eric L. Busby and Mark Kalita

Featured in the cast were:

Mark Kalita as Mak
Judah Friese as Lt. Friese
Karl Puder as Korg
Kara Dennison as Dalonna
Elie Hirschman as Backus
Ben Harmer as KoVah
Nick Cook as Cain
Morgan Jeffery as Klingon Officer
Tom Davis as Regent
Aliza as Crimson
Eric L. Busby as Bishop & The Tholian

Directed, mixed and produced by Eric L. Busby

The executive producer of Darker Projects if Eric Busby.