TFB – EP 003: For Duty and Crew

The Falcon Banner – EP 003: For Duty and Crew The Falcon Banner, Audio Theater

Scripted by Mark Bruzee

Based on The Falcon Banner, a novel by Christopher Patrick Lydon.

Original music composed and realized by Kai Hartwig.

Featuring the voice talents of:

Seth Adam Sher as Darien Taine
Fiona Conn as the Bursor
Mark Kalita as Kendrick
Chris Snyder as Matt Elias
Laura Post as Lauren
Karl Puder as the Orion Captain
Eric Busby as Nazzien
Delon Eubena as Amsus officer and Captain R’Shar
June Lathrop as Eisenhower Control
Mark Bruzee as Shale
Shire Smith as Newscaster
Dan Gorgone as the Guard Commander
Linda Townsend as the Salvage Dealer
Clym Angus as Archduke Walker VonKarin
Ben Harmer as the Slaver

The series is produced, directed and postproduced by Chris Snyder.
Co-produced by Mark Bruzee.
Special thanks to Christopher Patrick Lydon for making the series possible.

The executive producer of Darker Projects is Eric Busby.