ST 31 – Season 2 EP 011: The Hour of Judgement Part 1

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files: Season 2: EP 011: The Hour of Judgement Part 1Star Trek: The Section 31 Files, Science fiction Audio Theater

The battle lines have been drawn. The hour of judgment has come.
With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, can a desperate plan by Section 31 stop the Destroyer?

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast were:

Mark Kalita as Emperor Mak
Karl Puder as Chancellor Korg
Judah Friese as Judah and the Judah hologram
Elie Hirschman as Tom Backus and Unit 275
Mark Bruzee as K’Laren
Seth Adam Sher as James Rekla
Ben Harmer as Magnus
David Ault as Kurian and Kyoun
Laura Post as Compassion
Gareth Preston as Brotherhood
Eric Busby as Bishop
Miriam Snyder as the Computer
Chris Snyder as the Klingon Officer
Introducing Damaris Mannering as Captain Dalonna

The Episode was directed by Chris Snyder
Post Production work by Chris Snyder and Eric Busby

The executive producer of Darker Projects if Eric Busby.